Every morning Melanie and Hans conjure up a varied healthy breakfast with farm-fresh eggs, bread, fruit.

In good weather you may take your breakfast outside on the terrace enjoying the morning sun. The same applies for your supper at noon or in the evening.

With bad weather breakfast is served in the luxurious and stylish breakfast room where you can choose to sit at a private table or at the large oak tables.

At noon you can enjoy a nice lunch package, a luxury picnic or a small lunch dish. The host and hostess love Italy and so you will notice the presence of delicious olive oils, Italian food and a wide selection of Tuscany’s wines.

In the evening you can also enjoy a fresh meal, to be ordered the day before.

The restaurant will be yearly closed from 28 june till 22 july.

B&B culinair
  • Het Eycken Huys
  • Hans & Melanie
  • Beekstraat 5
  • 9880 Aalter-Poeke
  • Tel: +32 (0) 496/23.69.20
  • Tel: +32 (0) 496/23.69.24